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long overdue update

I haven’t been feeling motivated to blog lately, and with good reason, I promise! I’ve been so busy ever since I started attending beauty school back in January, what with classes on a daily basis and events/shoots in the evenings. As the months rolled on, I just found myself lacking in the content department. I didn’t want to blog for the sake of blogging (and right now this seems like one of those posts, but I assure you there is a purpose to this). I always read articles about how to make sure your readers keep coming back to your site, and one of the things always mentioned is to have good content. So forgive me for not posting in MONTHS, but my creative juices haven’t been flowing.

The purpose of writing this post is to let you know that I’m in the process of creating a new website. This is why I haven’t been blogging on this domain. I wanted to find myself in the last few months; figure out who I am as a person and as an artist, how I want to represent myself on the interwebs, as well as what I wanted to showcase on my site. I’ve decided that I wanted to show my recent work first and foremost as a makeup artist. The idea of the new domain (which I won’t reveal just yet) is to mainly be my online portfolio, with a page dedicated to blogging, in which I will probably post content in once every two weeks. I’m considering taking requests for those blog posts – maybe setting up a poll and seeing what my readers really want to see on there. Either way, it’s all in the works and will take some time. I really want the site to be… me. I want it to fit me like a glove and  feel 100% comfortable with the way it looks and represents me. Am I rambling? I am rambling. I should stop :)

What do you think? Should I keep my beautilosophy.com domain as my blog and have a separate new site? (Question is – would you even bother visiting both?) Or should I just keep it all under one domain name (the new site) and have a page in which my blog content goes on? Let me know what you think!

Can’t wait to see what you all think!


ootd birthday edition: 23

I wanted to get this post up before the end of March, and I know I’m late with it, buuuut… Sunday, March 18th, marked the day of my 23rd birthday. I had originally wanted a very simple dinner and have the night end there, but it turned out very differently and a lot more fun than I expected! I had myself a girls night out, which I haven’t done in AGES, so it felt really good to just be surrounded by the girls that have mattered and still matter to me throughout the years. It also ended up being a double birthday with my long-time friend Annie, a tradition we’ve tried to keep going for the last 5 years. We went out on Saturday night for dinner and dancing, and the night ended with 3 of them staying over at my place and some McDonald’s. After partying McDonald’s always tastes better.


I’m obsessed with the dress I bought! It so happened that I was celebrating my birthday on St. Patty’s day and my dress was green. Very coincidental, I promise it wasn’t planned. I bought this lovely number from Zara for just $60 a day before, and all I can say about it is that it is the right amount of chic and classy, but sexy. I love the little lace detailing on the front and down the sides. I also love the little cutout in the back of the dress. The length was a comfortable one for me too. I find that if I wear anything shorter than that, I get really uncomfortable and keep pulling my dress down, hoping some length would be added, hehe. Overall though, it was the perfect dress! The shoes I also bought last minute and they were from Spring for $50. They’re called the Browley’s. I must add that they were super comfortable too.

Here are some pictures of my night out with my girlfriends…


Old high school friends and new university friends…


Annie & I, and some more awesome besties…


I had mentioned in a previous post that I had an amazing weekend in DC and NYC, but I do have to say that my birthday weekend just got added to the list of awesome!

Two weekends, one feeling = ♥

Happy birthday to whoever’s birthday was in March! xx

my DC and NYC trip

Two weekends ago, I made my way across the border to the States for the first time in my life. To say I was overwhelmed is an understatement. Not only did I get to see a whole new country, but I also got to see one of the closest people to me in the world, whom I haven’t seen in 2 years! A bit too long if you ask me…

Here’s my beauty and I (: Her and I are wearing makeup courtesy of yours truly, using the Urban Decay Naked Palette.

We spent the first day in Virginia and went out for a night on the town in DC. Dinner was at a Thai restaurant called Rice. Can I just say that I may have experienced the best Thai food I’ve ever tried? Definitely. On the second day, we did a bit of sightseeing and I got to see some beautiful Cherry Blossom trees (picture up top) in front of the White House (which, FYI, is so much smaller than I expected it to be!). The tree was trying to be stylish, you know, being pastel pink in colour and all. Following the trend for this Spring.

We also walked around M Street in Georgetown and met up with an old high school friend, Lea. Last time we saw each other was at our high school prom in 2006! We had lunch at a very funky and stylish restaurant called Serendipity (there’s also one in NYC) and then had some delicious cupcakes at a place called Baked and Wired. I had the red velvet cupcake. Noms.


I did treat myself to some Kate Spade, but shhh! Don’t tell anyone!

On the third day, we took a MegaBus to New York. Being in New York gave me this weird feeling in the pit of my stomach, and no, it was not a bad one. Do any of you have a bucket list? I do, and living in New York for at least a year is on that list for me. I just can’t describe the feeling I got when I stepped off that bus at 9:30 in the morning and took in the city for the first time in all its glory. The weather was beautiful, and the sun was out. Even a couple of hours into our day of walking around Times Square then Soho, I still couldn’t believe I was there!

I got to see one of the places I’ve always wanted to see in real life. Seeing it on TV alone was just not cutting it for me. It could well be a dream for me to go there someday. I give you Parson’s The New School for Design. If only I could have met Tim Gunn and the lovely Heidi Klum, it would have made everything even more perfect!

I also came across this lovely man who was sewing me a dress, as well as the Fashion Walk of Fame

Guido wedding anyone?

By the time the day was over and we were making our way back to the bus stop, we were pooped! We got back in to DC at 3 am and even though we were exhausted, we didn’t sleep till 5:30 am!

My best friend had to go in to work on my last day there. Don’t you guys hate Monday’s? Boo! Nevertheless, another friend of ours was nice enough to take me out to lunch at the Cheesecake Factory in Tyson’s Galleria. Can you say nom noms? Yes, that good. I had the Chocolate Raspberry Truffle, which was dee-lish! We then drove back to DC to catch ms. bestie after work and she drove me to the airport. I was so sad to leave but life was on the other line and I couldn’t keep it on hold for much longer!

Just a little update on one very awesome weekend I had (:
Keep an eye out for my next post. It’ll be the birthday edition!

Happy traveling xx

PS. Notice my unhealthy obsession with Instagram? Yeah… I know… It’s awesome!

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