basic skincare info + my routine

On countless occasions I have seen my girlfriends slap on their makeup without any pre-makeup skin care routine. ARE YOU INSANE?! (Read that with a tone of loving-concern :D not pure anger). Girls, (and guys; I do not discriminate) please moisturize at the VERY LEAST! Your skin will love you for it. Your skin will love you more if that moisturizer had a bit of SPF in it too.

Did you know that the suns rays are not only harmful in the summer months, but even more harmful during the winter?

‘But Yasmin, how is that possible? It snows and s*** in the winter, the sun barely shows up in the sky, the sun goes down early, and blah blah blah…’

And this is where I’m going to stop and correct you. Yes, the sun barely shows up in the sky. Yes, the sun does go down earlier because of shorter days, BUT that does not mean that the sun isn’t there! The sun rises and sets the same way every day of every month of every year. Therefore, it is still in the sky during the winter. Just because you do not see it, does not mean it isn’t there. So how does it affect your skin? Well, after reading countless of articles and doing my own research, here is your answer:

The suns rays (though invisible to the human eye) bounce off the snow and onto you. Yes you. All of you. Oh, and of course, the cold makes your skin dry, causing cracks and wrinkles to form on your precious skin. Booooo :(.

Still not convinced you should protect your skin? Watch this little video that has trended on YouTube and some of my friends’ Facebook pages and you’ll see that in fact, if you do not protect yourself from sunburn, your chances of contracting malignant melanoma (or for us regular ol’ gals and chaps: skin cancer) are a lot higher.

I hope by now you are fully convinced, as this is a serious issue that every person should consider. You are not required to pay tons of $$ on expensive makeup, products, etc, but if there is one thing in your skin care collection that you should probably invest in, it is a good moisturizer. Which brings me on to my skin care routine! (You can click on the images, which will take you to the product websites for more information).

1. Every morning (oh who am I kidding! Morning?! Me?! Yeah… right… more like mid-day or after noon, by the time I get my lazy bum out of bed :P) I wash my face with the Morning Burst facial cleanser by Clean&Clear.

2. After I gently pat my face dry with a towel, I get a cotton pad and put a generous amount of the Shiseido Benefiance Enriched Balancing Softener. Now, this step is optional, you do not have to use the same product or this brand for that matter, but softeners do what they say they do; soften! It is entirely up to you though if you want to make this investment.

3. I let the softener set in for a good minute or two, then I apply my moisturizer (avoiding the eye area – clarification in step 4). The moisturizer I use is the Shiseido The Skincare Day Moisture Protection Enriched with SPF 15. I find this moisturizer to work great for my combination skin. It has a nice creamy consistency but does not feel heavy on my skin at all.

4. Finally, eye cream. Any eye cream will do, but it is really important to use one. The one I use is by Lancome and it is the Primordiale Eye Skin Recharge. Depending on your age and what purpose you need the eye cream for (for myself, I need it for my extremely obvious dark under-eye circles), you will find that eye cream goes a long way in preventing wrinkles. A bit of a warning though: do not apply the cream too close to your lower lash line (this can cause puffy lower lids). Be sure to apply it only on the crescent-like shape starting from the inner corner of your eye and going down and around all the way to the outer edge of your eyes, or your crows-feet (if you don’t know what your crows-feet are, just smile real big in front of a mirror and it’s that area right at the outer edge of your eyes that wrinkle up!). OH, and also, use your ring finger and slowly dab the cream across until your skin soaks it up (do not wipe or rub, I repeat: DO NOT WIPE OR RUB!)

So there you have it! My official first post :) I hope you guys found this useful and I do encourage you to leave any comments, feedback, or suggestions to benefit not just myself, but everyone else reading this! OH and please subscribe so you can receive any updates on posts by email :)

Yasmin xx

PS. I think your skin already loves you for reading this post O:)



  1. I get really wear about using products before makeup. My skin reacts to anything. It actually thinks: “hmmm, what’s this that you’re putting on me? MOISTURIZER? I don’t like this moisturizer you speak of. I GIVE YOU BLEMISH, muahaha.”

    Seriously, my skin is an a**hole. The only things I can do are use a strong battle-strength toner and a very light oil-free and lanolin-free face lotion, and my skin does not feel smooth :(

    • thejazzreport says:

      Lulu darling, yes lots of people’s skin reacts weirdly to products and makes them break out but it just means you haven’t found the right one for you. If I were you i’d go to any beauty counter at the Bay or Sears let’s say and talk to someone there about your skin and they’ll probably do a way better job recommending something for you than I would. They make dem moisturizah’s for every skin type hunnay! Haha so I’m sure you’ll find the one for you ;)

  2. yo yo yo!


    Awesome. I lub.

    Have a great one! x

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