my favourite drugstore products

Barely my second day with this whole blogging project, and I’ve already gotten my first request! Super excited! So as you can tell from the title of the blog post, I’m going to be sharing with you guys my favourite drugstore products, from foundations all the way to lipsticks/glosses. To get a better view of the pictures, just click on each one and it’ll enlarge (for your viewing pleasure ;) haha).


This is going to be a bit of a ramble, I am truly sor… *ahem* SO, depending on your skin type + your personal preferences, you have the option of choosing between liquid or pressed powder form. Let me make this quick and easy: you do not want to look cakey. Ever.

If you have dry/normal/combination skin, pressed powders can have that effect on you. Plus, they do not blend into your skin as well as liquid foundations do, so the finish will look rather unnatural. Pressed powders are good for those who have oily skin, as it absorbs the oils and gives your face a nice, matte finish. Other skin types can benefit from pressed powders as well; they can be used to touch up your makeup on the go or if you start to feel like your face is getting oily/sweaty from the heat. Just dabbing a bit of it all over your face will rid you of the shiney-ness-ness.

Liquid foundation on the other hand is great for most skin types, but I would not really recommend it for oily skin. I personally love liquid foundation. My favourite drugstore one is the new Maybelline FIT Me foundation. I find that it blends SO WELL with my skin, gives me a nice natural finish, with a bit of dewy-ness, and no cakey-ness (I’m on a role with the ness-es). YAY! That is because liquid foundation absorbs into your skin instead of just chillaxin’ on top of your face, like pressed powders do. This foundation has a light to medium coverage though, which is great if you DON’T want to look like you have a lot of makeup on (which you never do unless you’re going to some fancy shmancy wedding).


I prefer to use either liquid or cream based concealers, not powder concealers. I’ve tried so many concealers and concealer combos to cover my dark circles but I can’t find anything that works better (from the drugstore category) than combining these two products: Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Dark-Circle Roller and the Maybelline Mineral Power Concealer. The Garnier product isn’t so much a concealer; it’s more on the sheer side, and the roller tip is good to de-puff swollen lower lids, providing a cooling effect on your skin (it also has caffeine in it, to wake you up). After I apply that, I use the Maybelline product to get a more opaque coverage.

Note: If you’d like me to make a ‘my makeup routine’ video, please leave a comment below and I’ll get on it as soon as I can :)


Hands down, the BEST drugstore eyeshadows I have ever used are the L’oreal H.I.P Bright Shadow Duo’s. The pigmentation on these babies is INTENSE. They come in a variety of different colour combos. I absolutely love them! The ones I own are: Flare 404 (orange+yellow/gold), Brazen 118 (hot pink+brown), Flamboyant 538 (purple+yellow), Forgiving 236 (turquoise+bronze), and Wicked 536 (dark purple+bronze).


A lot of people are fans of liquid liners, but not me! Maybe I’m just really bad at applying it or something (I swear, I feel like a kid with a crayon when I use liquid liners… I can never colour within the ‘lines’! Quite frustrating :p). My numero uno kind of eyeliner is gel. It’s safe to say that it has become an obsession. It’s so easy to apply/remove and it lasts all day (test of durability: I’m a big baby… And I mean, I cry a LOT! Liquid liner: dribbled off. Regular pencil liner: faded away. Gel liner: that baby stuck with me like Romeo stuck to Juliet).

My all time favourite drugstore gel liner is the Maybelline EyeStudio. It comes in 4 colours: Blackest Black, Brown, Charcoal, and Eggplant. I currently own the black and the eggplant (or purple). It comes with it’s own applicator brush, which I think is great! The black is definitely very dark and opaque, but I found the purple to be in between sheer and opaque. I had to pick up more product on the brush and go over the line 2 – 3 times before I got it to show prominently. On a side note, you are not supposed to use gel liners on your waterline (wait, what? who said that?!), but I’ve used this on my waterline before and it didn’t irritate me or anything, it actually had amazing hold.

If you’re not a fan of gel liners, then a creamy pencil/stick liner will do a very similar job. The one I sometimes like to use is the Rimmel London Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer. The shade I own is in 211 Sable, which is a gorgeous brown colour. It has a nice, smooth application and comes with a smudger and sharpener at the other end. Yay for two (or is that three?) birds with one Jutti! ^^


One an old classic, and the other a new big hit: the L’oreal Original Voluminous and the Maybelline Falsies Volum (no, not a spelling mistake) Express. I cannot begin to articulate how good these two are. Both do have the same function: volumizing. What I love about both of them is that they just don’t clump. At least, with me they don’t.

The L’oreal tends to be a bit more dramatic and looks a lot darker than the Falsies, but I love the Falsies so much because of the fibres it contains within its formula that seriously lengthen your lashes like no tomorrow (not that I need any more lengthening. God has blessed me with already long lashes and according to my wonderful mother, when I apply mascara, I look like a clown. How meansies of her :( pfft). Anyway, you get the gist of it. Seriously good mascara.

Blushing Blush Blush:

I won’t lie, I haven’t tried many drugstore blushes, but the one I did try was the CoverGirl Blush in Cheekers. It picks up well on my blush brush and the colour is the perfect bright pink shade, giving your cheeks a GAWJUS natural flush :D.


I was never a lipstick girl, but for the last few months, I’ve developed a loving relationship with it (I even dare to wear bright hot pink or red lips!). My current favourite lipsticks are the new Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick collection. They’re just… perfect. They leave your lips feeling nice and moisturized, and have this amazing creamy consistency. The two colours I own are the 070 in Soft Nude and the 008 in Candy Pink.



I don’t usually like lip glosses either because of their sticky consistency (you know it’s sexy when you’re walking down the street, wind in your hair, when all of a sudden some hair sticks to your lips because of your gloss. GUUURRRRLLL, YOU KNOW IT!!!) but the Revlon ColorBurst Lipgloss collection is reaaaaally good. Sticky? Not at all. By now, you’re probably wondering ‘So wait… she doesn’t like lipstick OR lipgloss… so uh… what then?’ and the answer to that is: I was always a lip balm girl, either regular or slightly tinted ones. But now *sniff* I’m all grown up… and *wipes nose on sleeve* I’m a woman… I was forced to move on *blows nose incessantly loud*. Haha, aaaaaaanyway, so yeah. Revlon. ColorBurst. Lipgloss. Awesome. I have the colour 010 in Hot Pink. Another good one I’ve tested but haven’t bought yet is the one in the shade Strawberry. Very purty.

So there you have it, my favourite drugstore makeup products! I do apologize deeply for causing your eyes to burn from reading such a long post but… Naaaaah, you’ll get over it! :)

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Yasmin xx



  1. I couldn’t find a shade that would fit me. :( BOOOOOO. So I tend to stick to no foundation. Just concealer.

    and L’Oreal eyeshadows? Fuckin’ A. Seriously!!! everytime there’s a sale…bam. guess who’s there snappin them shadows up? *this guy* I lub you my baby.

    Have a great one! x

    • thejazzreport says:

      I lub you more! :D Well I don’t use foundation on a daily basis. Only when my skin is feeling a bit too tired and I have more than the usual spot or two on my face. Otherwise, I just stick to concealer only. And I’ve read that people who have trouble finding a foundation shade that fits them tend to buy two of the closest colours to their skin colour (so one lighter and one darker) and mix them and get the right shade for their skin! Maybe you could try that if ever you need foundation. But I don’t see why you do, your skin is a BEAUT xx

      • That’s what I do, my love. I find two and mix ’em but I’m currently a MAC C6, in their face and body foundation. I usually get C6 or mix C5 and C7 together to get my colour, since I fluctuate between C5, C6 and C7.

        Come write a guest post for my blog some time my hunny bunny
        Have a great one! x

  2. Yayy!! My request was your first official post. Feel so special >_< I absolutely love gel eyeliners, but have always stuck to my Bobbi Brown because it's so darn good. If the Maybelline does the same thing for less thhough, maybe I'll try it up next time :D
    Reading this makes me curious about your fav high-end products (because half the stuff on this list can't be found in Korea. Silly me for asking haha)

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