challenging hair

If you are someone who knows me, you have probably been frustrated with me frequently about the amount of times I dye my hair in a year. I truly believe I have some sort of sickness; I’m a ‘hair-dye-aholic’ for sure, and I don’t know how to stop it! The longest I’ve gone without dying my hair was probably around 5 months. That. Is. Nothing.

My mom always said that if my hair could speak, it would yell at me for treating it so badly; she gets so mad when I dye my hair but the funniest part is…

She dyes it for me.

She always has this stern look on her face, and I hear her mumbling underneath her breath (probably insulting my level of intelligence), as she applies the dye on my hair and massages it in, making sure she doesn’t miss a spot. Yep. I know. Funny as hell! Ah, mothers. You are the oddest specimens.

Since I’ve pretty much butchered my hair with every possible colour on the planet, have the worst split ends in the world, and use heat tools almost every day, I decided to do some research on some vitamins, or anything magical that I could take that would help restore my hair to a healthy state, and possibly help it grow faster and become thicker. Luckily, a few days after I dyed my hair red (that was a whole dilemma on its own… which I don’t think I should get into, it will only make me feel slightly… stupid), I came across a post by a beauty guru, Huda K, about a supplement known as Biotin that is supposed to help with hair growth, and all the other magical things I want for my own hair!

Since I’m an avid follower of her blog and consistently watch her YouTube videos, trying many of her recommendations and loving them, I trusted her word and decided to head to the nearest Nutrition House and purchase a bottle. I was honesty expecting it to be pricey, as these kinds of things usually are, but I found that it was only around $9 (without tax)! The lady working there told me that she had used it herself, and within 2 weeks, noticed a difference in her hair. One bottle contains 100 capsules and she recommended I take 3 – 4 pills a day. That’s not so bad, right?

It’s quite a challenge for me, as I’m horrible with taking my vitamins in general. I remember to take one every 5 weeks or something, which is completely useless, but my hair has reached a state of fried-frenzy. I need a hair cut, seeing as I have choppy bits all over the place and the ends are nowhere close to being even in lengths, but I’m scared to cut it again. I’ve just decided to push myself to take these pills in the recommended daily dose and wait it out. Hopefully I won’t have to cut my hair, as I am trying to grow it out. This is what it currently looks like:

If you notice, the right side (my right) looks shorter than the left. That’s because it is. The ends stretched and broke off in the shower when I was washing my hair dye out :( but there’s not much I can do about it now. I’m trying my best to lessen the amount of heat I use, apply heat protectant if I do want to use heat tools, and keep nourishing my hair with leave in conditioners and treatments once a week. I am now going to add the Biotin supplements to the list and see how it turns out for me.

I guess when I reach halfway through the bottle, I’ll make an updated post on my progress, or I’ll just wait till I’m done with the 100 capsules to make a post. Either way, I plan to keep you guys in the loop on how this works for me. If it’s as magical as I am expecting it to be, I am heading to every Nutrition House in Toronto and buying every bottle off the shelf! :P And if you are someone who might benefit from these supplements, and live in Toronto, then you’ll have to beat me to it! (All depending, of course, on the results)

Fingers crossed!

Yasmin, xx



  1. Ooh will definitely be looking into this, thanks!!:D

  2. Amazing post by authour on challenging hair.

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