w.i.y ~ whiten it yourself!

If you are like me in any way, then the first thing you would notice in a person are their teeth. I have this obsession with a perfect smile and clean, white teeth. I truly believe that if someone doesn’t take good care of the inside of their mouth, then it says a lot (hygienically) about them *cough*…

There are many ways a person can achieve white teeth, but some of them can be really harmful and erode your tooth enamel, basically doing more damage in the long run and only some good in the short run. I’ve had my own experiences, and here is my honest opinion of those experiences:

Professionally: I’ve had my teeth professionally whitened at the dentist. I felt that the effects barely lasted a few months, and my teeth began to turn yellow-ish soon after. I’m not a heavy coffee drinker. I might have a coffee once or twice in a span of 2 weeks, and I brush my teeth more than twice a day. Also, I felt like my teeth became too sensitive (a throbbing sensation) and it hurt to have anything too cold or too hot. So… Nay! Boo! Me no likey.


Crest White Strips: The second and only other method I’ve tried to whiten my teeth. Frankly? This was better than getting them professionally done. At least, it worked out that way for me. I bought a box of white strips and thought I would give it a shot after a good friend of mine recommended them to me. I noticed a difference after 3 days of use and to THIS day (I haven’t used white strips since 2008), my teeth are still white. Not a perfect pearly white, but white enough. I didn’t use them every day though; just twice a day for a week straight, then once in a while whenever I wanted to ‘touch-up’. Using them every day is really harmful. Yay! Me likey.

So I’m on a D.I.Y mission here! I keep reading about baking soda being the miracle to all your teeth-whitening problems but I never actually tried it out myself. After reading multiple ways of using baking soda to whiten your teeth at home (and for way less monies $$), I’ve decided to try it out myself and show you the results! The way in which you use the baking soda will depend on the kind of teeth you have (e.g. sensitive or not). Here is my opinion on how you should use it:

* If you don’t have sensitive teeth: Put baking soda directly on your toothbrush without any toothpaste (by dipping your brush in a saucer of baking soda that you’ve set aside already) and brush your teeth with just the baking soda.

* If you have sensitive teeth: After you put toothpaste on your toothbrush, get some of the baking soda in the saucer and dip the toothpaste that’s on your brush in it so as to get a layer of the baking soda on your toothpaste. Then brush! My plan is to try doing it this way, once a day (at night before I go to bed) for a week, and see if I notice a difference; but since baking soda can be a bit abrasive if used on a daily basis, I’m going to slow it down after a week and brush my teeth with it twice to three times a week at most.

This is what my teeth look like at the moment (I will be posting an updated picture in a week to see if this baking soda shtuff works!):

Still a good white colour, but my lower teeth look a bit yellow-ish to me

Happy whitening! xx



  1. What happened to the updated picture? We are waiting to see!

    • thejazzreport says:

      Hi Ramona,

      I am actually currently writing a post about it :) Sorry it took me a while but I really wanted to test it out for a good 2 to 3 weeks to see if it made a difference or not. So keep a look out, the post should be up VERY soon :)


  1. […] Posted on June 19, 2011 by thejazzreport It’s been 3 weeks since I’ve posted the W.I.Y (Whiten it Yourself)! post, and I thought it was about time to do an update on the results of my […]

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