summer nail trends: blues & greens

Summer brings out something different in people; it makes them more daring with the colours they choose to grace themselves with, from clothing to nails. This summer is proving to be really bright, especially for nails! Different shades of blues, greens, and even corals are really in. Yes, I know that sounds scary at first, and you might not be inclined to painting your nails with such bright, odd colours that don’t fit the norm of pinks, reds, and nudes. The success lies in knowing which shade suits your skin tone the best.

I rummaged through my nail polish collection and picked out two of my favourite shades of blues and greens to show you guys. I’ll start off with what I have on my hands:

A huge trend I noticed for the summer is to paint your ring finger an entirely different colour, design, or even shade of the same colour you have on the rest of your nails. I love this minty green shade I had on all of my nails (sans ring finger); it is called Jade Jump by the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri line. For my ring finger, I opted for the zebra print, which I did by painting the nail white, using Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri in the shade Whirlwind White then drawing on the design using the nail art pen in black by the same brand when the white base dried.

What I love about this nail art pen is that it has a stiff felt-tip point, which makes it extremely easy to draw on your nails, even if you don’t have the steadiest hands in the world. It’s also really easy to wipe off your nails if you make a mistake, without ruining your base colour. It comes in a lot of different colours. I’m sure there are other alternatives to nail art pens that have a different applicator (more like a nail polish tip) that you can find and use, if this one is not available to you.

On my toes, I have the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Blue-Away. It’s a gorgeous turquoise blue colour, and it has a really nice opaque consistency. The colour doesn’t show up well in this picture because of the flash, but it’s slightly darker than that. My only concern with the Insta-Dri nail polishes is its applicator brush. It’s flat and square shaped, which is weird. Regular nail polishes are usually thin and round; but it does the job, you just need to get used to it and the way it applies.

Here are the four faves that I mentioned earlier. From left to right: Essie’s Sew-Psyched, Sally Hansen’s Jade Jump (on my hands), Essie’s Mint Candy Apple, and Sally Hansen’s Blue-Away (on my toes). The two blue nail polishes look very similar on camera but they are different shades of blue in real life (I promise!). If I were to choose the better formula for nail polish though, I would say Essie. My new found love for this brand needs to be shared! While some of their formulas can be sheer and others opaque, I don’t see it as an issue. They’re still really good and the colour range they come in are amazing. So what if you have to put on an extra layer?

So here’s what I think should be on top of your purchase list if you don’t already have something similar! Don’t be afraid to try something different. Plus, with a tan, these colours would look absolutely stunning!

Happy painting! xx


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