love it: laura mercier silk crème foundation

Hands down, the best foundation I’ve ever tried. I don’t usually like wearing foundation to begin with because I don’t find it necessary. My skin isn’t very problematic, so I tend to just cover any spots or blemishes with a bit of concealer and I’m good to go; but ever since I saw this one particular product review video on it (I can’t remember which video it was right now), and decided to give it a try, I’ve fallen in love with it.

Laura Mercier Silk Crème Foundation can be found at Sephora. I’m sure there are other places that sell it, but not in drugstores; I believe it is considered a high-end brand. I’ve been using this foundation for over 7 months now (not everyday though!) but more recently in the summer, it’s been a staple product in my daily makeup routine.

I’ve tried many drugstore foundations, and some were great, while some others did little in the way of covering problem areas. This product, though, is a bit on the pricier side ($42 + tax), but it is well worth it and a tube of this lasts a long time because you literally don’t need a lot of it. I’ve had this tube for a while now (thanks to Sephora’s purchase history on my account, I now know that I purchased it on January 9, 2011), and it still isn’t even halfway through. There’s plenty of product left.

I’ll try to explain how the foundation is in as short of a description as possible: It is extremely silky and smooth (I would say slightly on the moisturizing side), it applies flawlessly and is really easy to blend, it provides a medium to full coverage (depending on how much of it you apply), it lasts all day and doesn’t melt off your face, it gives you an airbrushed, dewy look (dewy… not sweaty, which is good because it means that it’s a hydrating foundation and doesn’t dry your skin out) and most importantly, it does not leave your face looking like you have layers and layers of makeup on, nor does it give you that cakey effect that I’m sure no one in their right mind wants.

This foundation comes in a wide range of shades, 10 to be exact. If you click on either images in this post, they will take you to the Laura Mercier website and you can view all the shades, details and even the ingredients. I am in the shade Beige Ivory, and I find that it matches my skin tone perfectly. To find the perfect shade for you, head to a Sephora and I’m sure they will be more than happy to match you to a colour that suits your skin tone best!

If you end up purchasing it, or already do use it, let me know how you like it or how it turned out for you!

Happy covering! xx



  1. I’ve been wanting to get this one because juicystar from youtube(Kinda embarassed to admit I watch juicystar for some reason haha) is always raving about it! Thnx for the review

    • Haha don’t be embarrassed, she’s the first guru i’ve ever watched and I still do :p and this is the reason I bought it, but I just don’t remember in which video she first mentioned it. LOVE it though, you should def try it :)

  2. It actually is the best foundation for the skin and the fact that it lasts the whole day/night with a small quantity used is amazing. spanks smeeno. If you’re having a midlife crisis ask this person, she has a solution to everythinggggg <3


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  2. […] so I know I recently raved in a previous Love It post about the Laura Mercier Silk Crème Foundation, but I do have to say that I think I’ve […]

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