review: february glymm box

I received my Glymm box a few days after my Luxe Box, and I have to say that I am equally as happy with this month’s Glymm box. If you haven’t heard of Glymm before, check out their website here. It’s pretty cool and has a lot of interactive features that you might find interesting.

There were 4 products in the box, but this time I’ve only ever heard of and tried 1 of them before. Here is a list of the products received, what the description on the insert said, how much it retails for, and what I thought of each one, in order of excitement level:

♥ Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm (Award winner) ~ This tinted lip balm by Burt’s Bees gives your lips a hint of colour with a soft sweet flavour. It was also voted Best New Lip Product by Consumers. It’s made with natural ingredients that moisturize and condition your lips. This stuff really is the ‘balm’. Sample size received: full & full size retail price: $7.99 for 4.25g.

I absolutely love this! The shade I received was Tiger Lily and it came just in time. The day before my Glymm box arrived, I was on the hunt for a peachy lipstick but couldn’t find one that suited my skin tone. When I got this and tried it, it was the perfect shade. I already have another one of these tinted lip balms in Hibiscus, which is more of a rosy colour and which is also just simply beautiful and natural. I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone on the hunt for a new lip balm.

♥ Sula Natural Shadow ~ Keep your eyes looking flirty fresh with this trendy, easy-to-use Sula Beauty shadow. Enjoy playfully pretty eye shadow in gorgeous colours. They’re long lasting, easy to blend and made with natural ingredients. Sample size received: full & full size retail price: $8 for 4.5g.

Having not heard of this brand before was what made me even more excited to try this out! The shade I received is this beautiful purple shade called ‘On My Mind’. I have yet to try it but maybe I’ll do a separate post on this particular product, with swatches and a better review of how it applies.

♥ Mai Couture 2-1 Oil Blotting/Bronzing Papier ~ Beauty on-the-go? Mai Couture has the solution. This lightly powdered bronzing paper eliminates oil and gives your complexion a shimmery glow. No need to worry about carrying your makeup bag and brushes around with you all day. Grab a ‘papier’ and keep your face flawless. Sample size received: 1 blotting sheet & full size retail price: $24 for 100 sheets.

I have yet to try this product and I’ve actually never heard of this brand before either, but I was a little disappointed with the sample size. They only included one blotting sheet! I’m not a fan of one time use products. Also, the description on the insert was about a bronzer but the sample in the box was of a blush. The concept behind the product is great though, so I’m looking forward to testing it out. It is also paraben and talc free, which is always a plus!

♥ GlamGlow Tingling and Exfoliating Mud Mask ~ Lights, Camera, Action! Designed for Hollywood’s entertainment industry, it tingles, tightens & lightens in 15 minutes, so you’re always camera-ready. Volcanic rock, French Sea Clay and real pieces of Green Tea Leaf will give you super sexy, super radiant skin. Sample size received: 7ml & full size retail price: $78 for 50ml.

This was the last product in the box and the one I was least excited about. Don’t get me wrong, it could be a great product, but I guess I just have a bias towards makeup products rather than skin care (by no means am I saying that skin care is less important to me ~ I just stick to what works for me). I will definitely give this a shot though. If it’s any kind of amazing, I might even do a post on it.

So that concludes what I received in my Glymm box this month! Are you subscribed? What did you receive? I’d love to see what others have gotten!

Happy unboxing xx



  1. I got the exact same box as you (colours and everything). I’m so happy with it, too! There are actually two blush papers in the little ziploc, by the way, and I got two uses out of one sheet, but that was with very light application, and of course it’s difficult to save the little sheets. The eyeshadow I found to be better as a base, but at least needs to be used with a primer. The mud mask is AWESOME. I was skeptical until I tried it, and now I’m in love. Beware!

    • beautilosophy says:

      Thank you for commenting Leah! Also, thank you for pointing out my mistake with the number of papers in the ziploc. I guess mine were stuck together or something, that I didn’t notice! Now I’m super excited to try the mud mask hehe. How long did you keep it on your face for?

  2. I also got the same items. This was my first Glymm box, and it was kind of a frustrating process. I couldnt figure out how it worked, there was delays in getting my box, and then i wasnt overly impressed. THe mudmask, which only gave me enough for one application, tingled the heck out of my face, particularly my thin skinned forehead, and after it really just felt like any other mudmask.
    the shadow looks nice( i got pale pink) but it is very light going on and i dont really do cream shadows as they crease too much with my skin type.

    • beautilosophy says:

      I’m guessing from the description you gave me of your skin that you have dry skin? Usually thin skin is associated with dryness. Probably sensitive too! That would explain why the mudmask didn’t work for you, because any clay-like textured masks are better for normal to oily skin. As for the shadow creasing, have you tried using an eye primer before applying shadow? They work really well!

      PS. Sorry to hear your experience with them wasn’t so great. Hopefully next month will be a better experience for you!

      • Normally I have combination skin, but the winter months have dried me out a bit :)
        The shadow is such a nice colour i kept trying it, but unfortunately, even with the primer, it still creases
        I’m hoping next month is completely wonderful for my glymm box!

  3. I got mine last week! yay!!! I can’t wait to try everything.

    • beautilosophy says:

      Ooooh the Sula shadow colour looks really pretty! You got the same box as me though :) cool!

  4. I have been wanting to try the Burts Bees tinted lip balm for ages. I’m definitely going to go out and buy it now! My post on the UK Harrods GlossyBox is now up. Here’s the link Hope you like! :D

    Elena x

    • beautilosophy says:

      The Burt’s Bees lip balms are amazing! I take them with me everywhere if I’m not wearing any makeup because they add a bit of colour to my face without having to go all out!

      I’m checking out your review right now :) x

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