sponsored review: eos lip balm sphere

I’ve been wanting to try this lip balm for the longest time because I kept hearing about it from the beauty guru’s I’m subscribed to on YouTube ~ but no matter where I looked to try and find it (Shoppers Drugmart, Loblaws, Zellers and more), I just couldn’t. It’s like they sell out fast or something! Either way, the people at EOS were kind enough to send me a full sized lip balm sphere for me to review, which I am very grateful for and super excited about!

Before writing this post, I wanted to test the product out for a week, just so I know I’ve given it some time to work its magic. My honest opinion? This lip balm is one of the best I’ve tried, and I’ve tried many. Lip balm is a staple in my every day life, as I rarely wear any lipstick or gloss. Not only is the packaging uber attractive and cute, but it goes on so smoothly, smells amazing, and tastes amazing too! I know, I know, I’m not supposed to be eating my lip balm, but when it tastes this good, I can’t help it. I was sent the ‘summer fruit’ flavour, which I absolutely loved. It smells and tastes like peaches. Yum!

I found it to be really moisturizing on my lips, especially since we are somewhat still in the cold winter season here in Canada (although there hasn’t been much snow, but the wind chill is incredibly damaging to skin if not properly taken care of ~ people tend to forget that their lips need protection from weather damage too). I kept reaching for this product during the day, but I made sure to put a lot of it before I went to bed every night. Every morning my lips were very soft and hydrated. All the little cracks, lines, and flakiness that are caused by the harsh winter weather were gone. I like the fact that it has a screw-on top, so you never have to worry about it opening and ruining things in your bag. It is definitely too big to keep in your pocket. I would have preferred if the ball was maybe half the size, so it would be easier to carry around. You can’t pop it in the pocket of your jeans for example, but it would be easy to find in your bag.

I think this will be my go-to lip balm for a while, or until it runs out. It doesn’t help that I absolutely love the taste of it either! I have a drawer full of other lip balms that I just wasn’t too fond of or excited about, and this one is definitely not going in there. I would definitely love to try out other flavours too, if I can find them!

Have you ever tried an EOS lip balm sphere? What flavours did you try and how did you find them?

Happy moisturizing xx

Disclaimer: I was sent this product to review. Anything written about the EOS lip balm sphere in my post is just my honest opinion and review on it.



  1. I have 4 of these spheres; they are great! My favorite is the melon! It smells amazing! Also, have you tried their lotion? It’s amazing too!

    • beautilosophy says:

      No I haven’t tried their lotion! I’d love to though so maybe I’ll go on a hunt for it soon :) thanks for the recommendation!

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