love it: lubu heels by china glaze

I got this full-size China Glaze polish in my January Luxe Box and I think it is now one of my top 5 favourite polish colours. It’s a black polish with lots and lots of red shimmer. I just love everything about it, from the name (Lubu Heels!) to the way the red shimmer isn’t so obvious unless the light hits it. Love the subtlety. Definitely a must have polish colour in your collection!


valentine’s nails

Just wanted to do a quick post on the nails I’m sporting for Valentine’s Day ~ I’m not one to wear red much, so I stuck with pink and added a little cutsie heart on my ring finger as an accent. I used 3 coats of Essie’s Muchi-Muchi on all my nails and created the heart on my ring finger using their new line of glitter/shimmer polishes, Luxe Effects, in A Cut Above. It is a beautiful polish that has chunks of pink glitters and shimmers in it. I finished my polish off with a coat of Seche Vite Dry Fast top coat and voila! Valentine’s ready :)

I rarely wear red and I doubt I will be today ~ this is my way of sharing the love ^^

Happy love day! xx

love it: oh they’re real, alright!

I’ve been on the hunt for a go-to mascara for a while. I must have tried almost every brand out there, from high-end ones like Christian Dior and Lancôme to drugstore brands like L’Oréal, Maybelline, Cover Girl and more. I have liked some and disliked many. My main concerns with mascara’s, in general, are clumpy-ness and a formula that dries up fast, and I found a lot of the mascara’s I tried have dried up faster than their 3-month life span, so I barely get to try them out and really get a feel for them before I have to throw them away.

But, I think I have finally found my true mascara-love. I’ve been using Benefit’s They’re Real! Mascara for about 3 weeks now, and to say that it isn’t the damn best mascara I have used thus far would be a lie. The formula is amazing. I find that mascara’s are either too wet (which brings about a huge mess on my lid) or too dry (which just makes my lashes look like they’re made of straw). This mascara, though, is the perfect in-between. It has a wet formula, but holds really well on your lashes, dries in a convenient amount of time (in case you’re the type to take a bit of a break between coat application), and holds the curl in your lashes perfectly. For $22 + tax, it is on the higher priced side of mascara’s, but I think it’s well worth it.

The brush is great. It’s a regular brush applicator with lots of evenly spaced, thin bristles. In my opinion though, the best part has to be the ball-brush applicator at the top. It makes it easier to get to those corner lashes that are usually hard to get to when using a regular mascara brush, without getting mascara all over your lids. The ball-brush is also perfect for brushing through and separating lashes.

Some pictures I took of my lashes while getting ready this morning:

           No Mascara                             One Coat                             Two Coats

Let me know if you’ve tried this mascara before and what you think of it. In the mean time, I’m going to sip my tea and brainstorm some ideas for my next post :)

Happy coating! xx

daisy nail art – something different

I love browsing YouTube beauty videos and coming across seriously great ideas that make me wonder ‘who in the world thought of doing this like that and why?!’

As you may already know, or noticed, I have a severe obsession with nail polish and nail design. I’m always on the lookout for interesting nail art. My nails are never left un-manicured. I just feel… naked. Oh the horror! So I was so happy when I came across this one video on YouTube by CutePolish in which she did a Nyan cat inspired nail design (if you don’t know what Nyan cat is, feel free to YouTube it, but please don’t blame me if it annoys you :p I am not responsible for the emotions that the video might stir up in you). She shows you a way of creating nail design without having to do it directly on your nail, making it a lot easier but slightly time consuming.

I hope you clicked the link of the nail tutorial, otherwise that last sentence and this next part might not make any sense to you whatsoever. The things you are going to need in order to create a nail design using the method that CutePolish implemented are:

* Dotting tool or bobby pin
* Tooth pick
* Plastic sandwich bags
* Tweezers

First, place your sandwich bag on a flat surface. Next, use your dotting tool/bobby pin, dip it in the nail polish of your choice, and create a design on the sandwich bag. Finally, use the tooth pick to clean up any design mistakes or maybe even enhance your design. Here is what I came up with on my sandwich bag:

I created the daisies with white nail polish using a bobby pin by making dots and connecting them in the middle, then I added a yellow dot in the center of the flower to make it look more realistic. I then used the tooth pick to create the spaces between each petal. Once you have the design you like, let it dry for an hour. Afterwards, using a pair of tweezers, peel the design off the sandwich bag slowly. It should come out in one piece if it was left to dry long enough. Your nails should already be painted with a base colour of your choice. I opted for Sally Hansen’s Xtreme Wear Hard as Nails in the colour Lacey Lilac. Place the design you made on whatever nail you want and press it gently into the nail. Use a top coat to seal it in place, wait for it to dry and voila! You got yourself a really cute nail design! This is what my accent nail looked like when it completely dried:

I recommend this way of creating nail designs for those of who have time on their hands, and don’t have a steady hand to draw something on their own nails. It’s a lot easier to draw it on the bag, as you can change it around however you like and if you make a mistake, you don’t have to repaint your nails all over again.

I hope this post was as interesting to you as it was interesting for me to make for you! If there is anything that was not understood, you can always refer to the video by CutePolish that I linked above and it will hopefully then be clearer to you.

Happy designing! xx

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