ootd birthday edition: 23

I wanted to get this post up before the end of March, and I know I’m late with it, buuuut… Sunday, March 18th, marked the day of my 23rd birthday. I had originally wanted a very simple dinner and have the night end there, but it turned out very differently and a lot more fun than I expected! I had myself a girls night out, which I haven’t done in AGES, so it felt really good to just be surrounded by the girls that have mattered and still matter to me throughout the years. It also ended up being a double birthday with my long-time friend Annie, a tradition we’ve tried to keep going for the last 5 years. We went out on Saturday night for dinner and dancing, and the night ended with 3 of them staying over at my place and some McDonald’s. After partying McDonald’s always tastes better.


I’m obsessed with the dress I bought! It so happened that I was celebrating my birthday on St. Patty’s day and my dress was green. Very coincidental, I promise it wasn’t planned. I bought this lovely number from Zara for just $60 a day before, and all I can say about it is that it is the right amount of chic and classy, but sexy. I love the little lace detailing on the front and down the sides. I also love the little cutout in the back of the dress. The length was a comfortable one for me too. I find that if I wear anything shorter than that, I get really uncomfortable and keep pulling my dress down, hoping some length would be added, hehe. Overall though, it was the perfect dress! The shoes I also bought last minute and they were from Spring for $50. They’re called the Browley’s. I must add that they were super comfortable too.

Here are some pictures of my night out with my girlfriends…


Old high school friends and new university friends…


Annie & I, and some more awesome besties…


I had mentioned in a previous post that I had an amazing weekend in DC and NYC, but I do have to say that my birthday weekend just got added to the list of awesome!

Two weekends, one feeling = ♥

Happy birthday to whoever’s birthday was in March! xx


how to style a maxi dress

Disclaimer: I love the camera and I am a poser. You’ve been warned (:

I was asked by a friend to do a post on how to style a maxi dress and thought I would give you guys ideas on how I would personally style my maxi dresses. I’m sure there are other ways you could dress them up (or down) but this is how I would wear them on different occasions. I am in no way an expert stylist; just thought I’d put that out there!

FYI: I’m wearing the same maxi dress in all the pictures. It’s a black one that I bought from FCUK in Vancouver, BC a year ago that was on sale for $80 (original price was $150+! Steal much?!). Check out the looks I put together below.

Look 1:
Mixing black and brown was never my thing, but I thought I would try it out and I really do like how it looks. You can accessorize pretty much any maxi dress with a large waist belt, some nice bangles or bracelets and a pair of wedge heels for a summery night-out feel.

Look 2:
For a more day time feel, you can add a large woven hat, bangles or bracelets, and a chunky necklace. I also think since this is a more casual look, instead of wedges, a pair of sandals, flats or slippers would tone the look down a little.

Look 3:
For an even more casual feel, just wear a light scarf around your neck, grab a bunch of bright bracelets that match, and a pair of sandals, flats or slippers in the same colour scheme. I will soon be doing a post on how to tie a scarf in a number of different and interesting ways.

Look 4:
This look would be good if you like having that one statement piece in your outfit, while everything else is toned down and neutral. Opt for a thin waist belt and a pair of sandals, flats or slippers that aren’t too flashy or would grab the most attention, and make your purse the statement piece with a pop of colour.

Look 5:
This look is not one I would wear on a night out, but maybe to a coffee or snack at a nice cafe with some girlfriends. Dress down your maxi by adding an unbuttoned dress-shirt tied at the bottom (old school Britney Spears style). Throw on a messenger or cross-body bag, a pair of sandals, flats or slippers and you’re good to go! For accessories, I added one feather earring as a statement piece that I got from Aldo.

Look 6:
Denim. Denim, denim, denim. I love it. Add a denim jacket if you’re wearing this look on a breezy night, or a denim vest if you’re wearing this look during the day. I love denim vests with maxi dresses, but sadly I don’t own one. This jacket isn’t mine either; it’s my mothers and I clipped it in the back to make it look like it fits me (sneaky style)! You can leave it at just that (the dress and denim jacket/vest) with a pair of sandals, flats or slippers, or you can also add a bright, colourful chunky necklace as an accessory. I love colourful jewelry with denim! Roll up the sleeves to make it look more edgy.


I hope you liked the way I styled my dress and helped you get some ideas on how to accessorize yours!

Happy styling! xx

ootd: sunny day

Caught off-guard enjoying the sunshine!

I’ve had this sheer poncho for as long as I can remember, and I think I’ve only worn it twice before this when I was 15! As I was rummaging through my closet the other day, I found it and thought I could make it look nice if I dressed it up with the right things. Here’s what the whole outfit looks like:

Nude Tank Top (Underneath) - Dynamite; Sheer Flowy Green, Brown & Cream Poncho - Miss Sixty; Dark Wash Jeggings - Armani Exchange; Brown Stone Embellished Belt - Dynamite; Brown Ruffled Flats - Aldo

Hope you like it! xx

ootd: girls night ~ coffee & sushi dinner

Purple Wife Beater - Marciano; Cream Cardigan - Forever XXI; Floral Print Scarf - H&M; Dark Wash Jeggings - Armani Exchange; Gold Studded Cream Flats - Icon

It’s easy to turn a simple outfit like a pair of jeggings with a wife beater into more than what it is by simply adding a nice scarf. I found this scarf at H&M and I absolutely love it! It has a nice floral pattern, but nothing too extreme, and the colours are so beautiful and subtle, you can wear it with a lot of different outfits!

Hope you like it! xx

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