sponsored review: eos lip balm sphere

I’ve been wanting to try this lip balm for the longest time because I kept hearing about it from the beauty guru’s I’m subscribed to on YouTube ~ but no matter where I looked to try and find it (Shoppers Drugmart, Loblaws, Zellers and more), I just couldn’t. It’s like they sell out fast or something! Either way, the people at EOS were kind enough to send me a full sized lip balm sphere for me to review, which I am very grateful for and super excited about!

Before writing this post, I wanted to test the product out for a week, just so I know I’ve given it some time to work its magic. My honest opinion? This lip balm is one of the best I’ve tried, and I’ve tried many. Lip balm is a staple in my every day life, as I rarely wear any lipstick or gloss. Not only is the packaging uber attractive and cute, but it goes on so smoothly, smells amazing, and tastes amazing too! I know, I know, I’m not supposed to be eating my lip balm, but when it tastes this good, I can’t help it. I was sent the ‘summer fruit’ flavour, which I absolutely loved. It smells and tastes like peaches. Yum!

I found it to be really moisturizing on my lips, especially since we are somewhat still in the cold winter season here in Canada (although there hasn’t been much snow, but the wind chill is incredibly damaging to skin if not properly taken care of ~ people tend to forget that their lips need protection from weather damage too). I kept reaching for this product during the day, but I made sure to put a lot of it before I went to bed every night. Every morning my lips were very soft and hydrated. All the little cracks, lines, and flakiness that are caused by the harsh winter weather were gone. I like the fact that it has a screw-on top, so you never have to worry about it opening and ruining things in your bag. It is definitely too big to keep in your pocket. I would have preferred if the ball was maybe half the size, so it would be easier to carry around. You can’t pop it in the pocket of your jeans for example, but it would be easy to find in your bag.

I think this will be my go-to lip balm for a while, or until it runs out. It doesn’t help that I absolutely love the taste of it either! I have a drawer full of other lip balms that I just wasn’t too fond of or excited about, and this one is definitely not going in there. I would definitely love to try out other flavours too, if I can find them!

Have you ever tried an EOS lip balm sphere? What flavours did you try and how did you find them?

Happy moisturizing xx

Disclaimer: I was sent this product to review. Anything written about the EOS lip balm sphere in my post is just my honest opinion and review on it.


review: february glymm box

I received my Glymm box a few days after my Luxe Box, and I have to say that I am equally as happy with this month’s Glymm box. If you haven’t heard of Glymm before, check out their website here. It’s pretty cool and has a lot of interactive features that you might find interesting.

There were 4 products in the box, but this time I’ve only ever heard of and tried 1 of them before. Here is a list of the products received, what the description on the insert said, how much it retails for, and what I thought of each one, in order of excitement level:

♥ Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm (Award winner) ~ This tinted lip balm by Burt’s Bees gives your lips a hint of colour with a soft sweet flavour. It was also voted Best New Lip Product by Consumers. It’s made with natural ingredients that moisturize and condition your lips. This stuff really is the ‘balm’. Sample size received: full & full size retail price: $7.99 for 4.25g.

I absolutely love this! The shade I received was Tiger Lily and it came just in time. The day before my Glymm box arrived, I was on the hunt for a peachy lipstick but couldn’t find one that suited my skin tone. When I got this and tried it, it was the perfect shade. I already have another one of these tinted lip balms in Hibiscus, which is more of a rosy colour and which is also just simply beautiful and natural. I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone on the hunt for a new lip balm.

♥ Sula Natural Shadow ~ Keep your eyes looking flirty fresh with this trendy, easy-to-use Sula Beauty shadow. Enjoy playfully pretty eye shadow in gorgeous colours. They’re long lasting, easy to blend and made with natural ingredients. Sample size received: full & full size retail price: $8 for 4.5g.

Having not heard of this brand before was what made me even more excited to try this out! The shade I received is this beautiful purple shade called ‘On My Mind’. I have yet to try it but maybe I’ll do a separate post on this particular product, with swatches and a better review of how it applies.

♥ Mai Couture 2-1 Oil Blotting/Bronzing Papier ~ Beauty on-the-go? Mai Couture has the solution. This lightly powdered bronzing paper eliminates oil and gives your complexion a shimmery glow. No need to worry about carrying your makeup bag and brushes around with you all day. Grab a ‘papier’ and keep your face flawless. Sample size received: 1 blotting sheet & full size retail price: $24 for 100 sheets.

I have yet to try this product and I’ve actually never heard of this brand before either, but I was a little disappointed with the sample size. They only included one blotting sheet! I’m not a fan of one time use products. Also, the description on the insert was about a bronzer but the sample in the box was of a blush. The concept behind the product is great though, so I’m looking forward to testing it out. It is also paraben and talc free, which is always a plus!

♥ GlamGlow Tingling and Exfoliating Mud Mask ~ Lights, Camera, Action! Designed for Hollywood’s entertainment industry, it tingles, tightens & lightens in 15 minutes, so you’re always camera-ready. Volcanic rock, French Sea Clay and real pieces of Green Tea Leaf will give you super sexy, super radiant skin. Sample size received: 7ml & full size retail price: $78 for 50ml.

This was the last product in the box and the one I was least excited about. Don’t get me wrong, it could be a great product, but I guess I just have a bias towards makeup products rather than skin care (by no means am I saying that skin care is less important to me ~ I just stick to what works for me). I will definitely give this a shot though. If it’s any kind of amazing, I might even do a post on it.

So that concludes what I received in my Glymm box this month! Are you subscribed? What did you receive? I’d love to see what others have gotten!

Happy unboxing xx

love it: lubu heels by china glaze

I got this full-size China Glaze polish in my January Luxe Box and I think it is now one of my top 5 favourite polish colours. It’s a black polish with lots and lots of red shimmer. I just love everything about it, from the name (Lubu Heels!) to the way the red shimmer isn’t so obvious unless the light hits it. Love the subtlety. Definitely a must have polish colour in your collection!

review: february luxe box by loose button

I just received my February Luxe Box in the mail yesterday and I have to say that I just love the red box made specially for this month! If you don’t know what a Luxe Box is, you can always check out their about page here to learn more. In summary, it is a monthly beauty box subscription service that delivers a box of 4-5 deluxe sized samples straight to your door!

This month’s box contained 4 products, 3 of which I have already tried and can give you an honest opinion on. Here is a list of the products received, what the description on the insert said, how much it retails for, and what I thought of each one, in order of excitement level:

♥ Benefit’s Sun Beam ~ This golden bronze highlighter gives you a natural, sun kissed radiance. Dot & blend over makeup on to cheek & brow bones for a bronzed glow that complements all skin tones. It’s liquid sunshine in a bottle! Try it today and set your skin aglow. Sample size received: 2.5ml & full size retail price: $30 for 13ml.

I was so happy when I saw this product in the box. I’ve been wanting to try it out since it launched but haven’t had the chance to purchase it. I just love all Benefit products in general. I haven’t had a single problem with or disliked any of their products that I’ve tried so far, which says something about the quality of the brand.

♥ CK One’s Shock for Her ~ This perfume opens with a fierce bouquet of passion flower, pink peony, and jewelled poppy flower. The intensity deepens with blackberry, jasmine, and narcisse flower, drizzled with a liquid chocolate accord. The addictive signature finishes with magnetic ambers enveloped in vanillin and patchouli, wrapped in second skin musk. Sample size received: 10ml & full size retail price: $45 for 50ml & $65 for 100ml.

It smells heavenly. Absolutely loved the fresh scent and loved the sample size. It’s not one of those samples you receive in store that run out after 2-3 uses. This bottle is big enough to last a good month or so I believe. I also love the fact it has a rollerball top, which makes it easier to dispense the product onto your skin.

♥ Redken Color Extend Shampoo and Conditioner for color-treated hair ~ Fights the four causes of colour change: environmental aggressors, poor cuticle condition, colour-altering minerals, water attack. It refreshes and moisturizes hair, protecting colour from fading. Formulated with Interlock Protein Network, the shampoo/conditioner combination gently cleanses while leaving hair shiny, manageable and refreshed. Sample size received: 6 packets, 10ml each & full size retail price: $15 for 300ml shampoo & $17 for 250ml conditioner.

The box contained 3 samples of each, and this is the product I have yet to try. Redken is a good brand though, so I’m expecting it to work well on my hair especially since I have a tendency to dye my hair. Often!

♥ Dermalogica’s Daily Microfoliant ~ Considered as one of InStyle’s Best Beauty Buys, this unique rice-based enzyme powder helps to exfoliate your skin by removing debris, leaving your skin smoother and brighter. Contains no artificial fragrance or colour; good for all skin types. Sample size received: 13g & full size retail price: $72 for 75g.

This is the product I was least excited to receive, and not because it’s not a good product but because I use this already as part of my kit at beauty school. I have the same sample size and use it twice a week in my skin prep class and it is great. It is not a grainy exfoliant, so you won’t find it harsh on the skin at all. It’s meant to be used on a daily basis and I find that since I started using it, my skin has become smoother and brighter. I would definitely recommend this product and other products by Dermalogica if you’re on the lookout for a new skin care regimen and have skin that reacts to products easily.

♥ Bonus ~ A $25 coupon code off of any purchase of $75 or more on the Dealuxe website.

So this was what I received in my Luxe Box this month! Are you subscribed? What did you receive? I’d love to see what others have gotten!

Happy unboxing! xx

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